Michelle Mills

Councilmember Mills urges senate to pass texting ban bill

ONUMBA.COM – In July, the Ohio House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill to ban ‘texting while driving’ in Ohio. It is now up to the Ohio Senate to do the same and make it happen. Will the senate go along? Columbus City Councilmember Michelle Mills is certainly hoping so. She released a statement last week expressing support for the ban, and hoping that the senate would “say yes” to House Bill 99. Continue Reading

Mayor Coleman

Coleman defends officer in fatal shooting

ONUMBA.COM – A visibly livid Mayor Michael Coleman is preaching the same sermon he has frustratingly preached for years. His face is starting to turn purple from speaking out against gun violence and decrying the avalanche of guns littering the streets of Columbus. But still, some young folks are just not getting it. The message, for what it’s worth, is iron-clad clear: Pulling a gun at cops, even without firing it, is as good as committing suicide. Dude – there’s no better way to put it. Continue Reading