February 12, 2011

Mubarak: Kicked out of power, finally

Mubarak Out 2
ONUMBA.COM – One other mind-boggling streak ended this week outside of the CAVS.  It has nothing to do with basketball, though.  It was the massive collapse of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt after nearly 30 years as that country’s iron fisted president.  I guess Mubarak deluded himself into believing that Egypt, a country of 80 million people, was his family’s property. 
I must say this, though. 
President Obama’s response to the crisis, from the start of the people’s protest to the ouster of the regime, was a smorgasbord of laconism.  He was wishy-washy, at best, often tinkering around the edges of what really needed to be said.  Now the U.S. is cheering the news of Mubarak’s ouster, but its tamed support for the stubborn resilience of the pro-democracy protesters profoundly contradicted its global pitch for democracy around the world. 
What do you think?


Ike Mgbatogu

Mgbatogu is a freelance writer and editor of Onumba.com based in Columbus, Ohio. He can be reached by email at Onumbamedia@yahoo.com.

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