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Why is Donald Trump doing well in polls, now?

ONUMBA.COM, USA – It is a bizarre phenomenon that really can be summed up in two words: mob mentality. Hey, you will drive yourself absolutely crazy if you look deeper than that trying to figure out what is clearly a fleeting campaign buzz by a wealthy and boisterous political minnow whose most potent weapon is to yell and lob insults at folks. Real-estate mogul and political greenhorn Donald Trump is thumping his dumbfounded opponents in poll after poll (now) despite having spewed god-awful things about just about everyone breathing out there. One of his opponents, U.S. Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham, at a total loss for what to make of rising Trump, settled for calling him “a wrecking ball for the future of the Republican Party.” Graham’s probably right, but Trump’s annoying, insulting, in-your-face style has not affected his poll numbers. Continue Reading

Mayor candidate City Council President Andrew J. Ginther discuss issues during a forum at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus on January 29, 2015. (Dispatch photo by Kyle Robertson)

Despite probe, Ginther not “worried” about indictment, damage to campaign

ONUMBA.COM, USA – When it comes to the investigations over the allegations that Columbus City Council President Democrat Andrew Ginther was part of bribery activities involving one of the companies that installed red-light cameras in the city, a number of things are no longer in question:  the god-awful cameras have been removed, the contract with the company RedFlex terminated and the investigation deepening. But what is not so certain yet is how much, if at all, any of this is hurting Ginther’s campaign for mayor. Since he announced his candidacy, Ginther has been seen by many as a shoo-in to win the mayoral race and replace outgoing Mayor Michael Coleman, who ironically, is also grappling with his own burgeoning mess over an unrelated allegations that he sold his pricey pad located in the Columbus Berwick neighborhood to a Chinese business woman who was also looking to do business with the city. Coleman, a very popular mayor, is stepping down at the end of the year after a historic 16 years in office.  He has endorsed Ginther for mayor, an imprimatur that carries heavy weight. But with all of this playing out, and with the mayor’s backing more important now than ever, is this investigation going to wreck Ginther’s campaign or at least give his opponent Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott a modicum of chance to wage a respectable battle and possibly win? Continue Reading


Thick skull; Why is Musevini mediating Burundi’s row?

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Whoa, whoa, this is really interesting, to say the very least. Talk about toiling, as though his next money wire transfer depends on it, to put out a picayune worth of fire in another man’s mud house when his own sprawling pricey pad is smoldering in a raging inferno. Perhaps, this is the Holy Grail of misplaced priorities cloaked in glib pursuits that ended up dangling for all to see as being no more than a rodomont and an apocryphal display of regional leadership and neighborly peace making. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, now does it? Who’s Musevini kidding?  Only himself. Continue Reading


Ginther defends himself in wake of bribery allegations

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Columbus residents saw the devices going up all over the city, but not too long ago, the controversial red-light cameras were yanked back down from Columbus city streets and streets across the cities in Ohio quicker than you say “illegal”. Those cameras were pulled down simply because they were illegal.  Now, it turns out the cameras themselves were not the only thing illegal in all of this.  Reportedly, there were also a tidal wave of illegal deals and a smorgasbord of other jaw-dropping shenanigans involving one of the companies that helped install these cameras in Columbus. One thing is for sure.  The cameras are gone, to the delight of those who ferociously hated it.  Now, could the frontrunner in the Columbus mayoral race be next? Recently, Governor John Kasich signed into law a measure passed by the Ohio legislature banning red-light cameras in the Buckeye state.  Now, serious questions are emerging over whether some elected Columbus city officials broke the law by accepting bribe from one of the companies under contract to install these cameras in the city. While those questions remain largely unanswered, the investigation into the unfolding saga is widening, getting uglier and uglier by the day.  On its path is Democrat Andrew Ginther, the frontrunner in the Columbus mayoral race who is caught up in the maelstrom of the raging mess. Continue Reading


Why gay rights, ‘same sex marriage’ won’t fly in Africa

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Some Africans have been caviling from the rooftop knocking President Obama for not visiting Africa enough. The president would probably beg to differ, but all of that is now water under the bridge with the good news for everyone being that Obama is about to visit there. And as Obama prepares to visit Africa, with plans to go to his ancestral homeland of Kenya for the first time as president, his grandmother Mama Sarah who lives in the western village of Kogelo has already turned in her special request, asking that she be allowed to prepare a meal for her grandson. That right there is not asking for much. hopes they grant her modest request. Continue Reading


Probe launched into sale of Columbus’ mayor’s pad to woman

ONUMBA.COM, USA – If you ask Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, he would tell you straight up he is not under investigation for anything. And he is right. But even so, Coleman knows quite well that federal investigators are fiercely looking into whether there is any connection between the sale of his pricey pad to a Chinese business woman and the fact that the same woman was also exploring the possibility of establishing her business in the city. “This is simply untrue,” said Coleman, in a statement concerning ongoing investigation involving the sale of his home.  “I have cooperated with federal authorities in their investigation into the buyer of our property, but I have no reason to believe that I am under investigation.” Presently, it doesn’t appear as though the mayor is under investigation but federal officials are rummaging through a mudslide of documents obtained from city employees who were allegedly directed by Coleman to assist the Chinese business woman Jianhua Li set up a business in Columbus. Continue Reading

U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (L) wave next to South Africa's President Jacob Zuma (2nd R) and his wife, First Lady Thobeka Madiba-Zuma, at the Union Building in Pretoria, June 29, 2013. Obama paid tribute to anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela as he flew to South Africa on Friday but played down expectations of a meeting with the ailing black leader during an Africa tour promoting democracy and food security. REUTERS/Gary Cameron   (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: POLITICS)

Multiple expectations on display as Obama Africa trip nears

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Believe it or not, being the first African-American president of the United States has its downsides. Since his monumentally historic White House win in 2008, President Barack Obama, fair or not, has had all kinds of special expectations piled on him by his trifecta of communities.  There are expectations from his African- American community and some more from his community in Africa. And please don’t forget the president’s Asian community connection made possible after his mother’s marriage to an Indonesian man who fathered one daughter with her, thereby blessing Obama with a half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng. And then there’s Obama’s Jewish link by way of his father’s 1964 marriage to Ruth Baker, a Jewish woman of Lithuanian background, whose seven year marriage to Obama’s father produced Mark Obama, the president’s half-brother. And somewhere in that ethnic and racial melting pot, poor Obama, in addition to staying connected to the hodgepodge of communities that claim him, still has to serve as the president of the United States elected to meet the vast expectations of all Americans. Continue Reading


“there’s nothing ‘community’ about hiding from the truth”

ONUMBA.COM, USA – That wise missive was from veteran conscious rapper Talib Kweli to Instagram. And the truth Kweli was caviling about and accusing Instagran of hiding from the people is that the Confederate flag represents racial hate. Count Talib Kweli, count Public Enemy (no longer active), count Anita Woodley, count Brother Ali and perhaps a bevy of others, and you are probably looking at the very extent of my love for rap, at least, the kind that I hear today. I just don’t care for it. And please understand me. Continue Reading


Kasich tops Clinton in poll

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Polls this early in the presidential primary contest don’t really mean much to the candidates, but if you were Ohio Governor John Kasich, it might, at least, privately get you a bit excited knowing you are not polling badly in the one contest that potentially matters. No one knows for sure if Kasich is going to jump into the crowded race yet.  But last week, he dropped an abundance of hints in favor of running for president, setting July 21 as the date he will officially declare his candidacy. Until then, officially, he is still thinking about it. But if Kasich is looking for something encouraging to nudge him over to the side of a decision to definitely get into the race, that is, if he is looking for a modicum of motivation, this might be it. A recent poll of 1,191 Ohio voters by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute poll showed that Kasich will defeat the presumed Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hilary Clinton 47-40 in Ohio in a one-on-one match-up.  That was the best performance reported by the poll when compared to the other Republicans in the race squaring off against Clinton one-on-one. Continue Reading


Buhari, a mugwump with a cause, no cabinet until September

ONUMBA.COM, USA – Why the heck is everybody in Nigeria harping on President Buhari’s cabinet as though their next lunch depends on it? Shouldn’t we all be worried more about whether or not Buhari picks the right folks for cabinet jobs? I just don’t get it. Cabinet, cabinet, cabinet.  Everybody is yackry-yacking about cabinet. That’s all you hear now.  Not surprisingly, a cavalcade of the president’s apostolic foes are out there in full force caviling from the rooftop over his slow-poke approach to forming a cabinet, pointing to it and saying aha, you see, Buhari is intensely flummoxed and does not know his way forward. Continue Reading