Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., right, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., center, listen as President Barack Obama speaks during a meeting with Congressional leaders in the Old Family Dining Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 7, 2014. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

White House bracing for Republican assault after GOP victory —With the Midterm elections now over and the outcome being a nice ass thumping for Democrats, the Obama administration, perhaps, would have to adopt a whole new partisan posture against his victorious and tumid Republican opponents now threatening to dismantle all that he has achieved in the past six years while looking to thwart all that he plans to  accomplish in the remaining two years of his administration. The GOP gained control of the U.S. Senate while stiffing its grip of the House of Representatives after corralling additional seats there. It all sums up to a profound bad news for the Obama administration.  With a load of loathe for the president by the Republicans, clearly, daggers are drawn and a volcanic partisan tinderbox looms.  President Obama, facing immense pressure from grappling with a minefield of high-voltage issues,  both domestic and foreign, emerged from the thick and blinding fog of defeat to declare he isn’t a “mopey” milquetoast about his party’s monumentally catastrophic loss.  Of course, it was a self-consoling posture, a blast of confidence and defiance, if you will, that may well be helpful in managing his debilitating loss to soothe the sting, but there’s no denying the fact that his presidency is presently riding through bumpy potholes and appears destined to collide with GOP victory bus parade.  At this cusp, the president can only hope for an elevated spirit of bipartisanship to emerge from the dark ashes of his party’s massive shellacking. In short, it won’t be pretty moving forward. And it’s not just for the reason that the president’s Democratic Party lost control of the U.S. Senate, that too of course, but largely for the fact that the loss mean the Republicans will now control both chambers of legislative branch of government.  What that means is something President Obama is definitely not looking forward to:  working with a bullying brigade of torridly dogmatic and ideological GOP lawmakers acting more like vengeful and vitriolic foes than reasonable and accommodating opponents. Continue Reading

obamaNEW fixed well enough, but bugs remain

ONUMBA.COM – By now, everyone is probably copiously aware that the Obamacare website rollout has been nothing but an epic disaster, a chaotic blend of a lousy website, a fumbled rollout and a daisy-chain of missteps responding to the whole mess. The bug plagued blastoff of the website, which many see as the signature achievement of the Obama presidency, has betrayed the promise of a great start to a new era in health care coverage due to a plethora of crippling hiccups among which are glitches, crashes, delays, frozen screens and all sorts of headache just accessing the website. And then there’s the more serious issue concerning consumer privacy to cap it all off. In short, it all summed up to a extraordinarily woeful month for the president, a disaster of monumental zenith.  But through it all, an often petered-out looking Obama remained optimistic, mixing that with a humbling apology for the mess on which the media has been feasting. “I am sorry,” the president told the American people followed by a seemingly gutsy assurance, after implementing a “tech surge,” that the beleaguered website will be rectified and ready to go by the end of the November. Continue Reading

Ed Fitz

Fitzgerald set to take on Kasich, but who is going to take him on?

ONUMBA.COM – For quite some time now, speculations have been rife about who is going to take on Republican Governor John Kasich in the next gubernatorial showdown. Some Democratic names have been dangled around as likely candidates, but no one has categorically declared an interest in running for governor of Ohio until now. He is Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald, the former Mayor of Lakewood, who last week kicked off his campaign with planned clambakes in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Fitzgerald is the first Democrat to jump into the race for governor. But it came as little surprise given that the 44-year old former FBI agent had been talking up his interest for months. Continue Reading


Nigerian woman feels a connection to American Blacks

ONUMBA.COM – Obioma “Ebony” Agwuncha hails from Nigeria, a country of some 150 million located in West Africa. She is visiting relatives in Columbus where her daughter recently gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl. The 60-year old widowed mother of seven has her hands full with a motley of chores involving the care she is providing for her daughter and their bundles of joy. Actually, Agwuncha’s visit is for that, caring for her daughter and the babies, that is. She said that it is called ‘Omugwo” which according to her traditional Igbo culture of Eastern Nigeria, she is required to do. Continue Reading


After hedging, board agreed to allow Coleman’s panel in

ONUMBA.COM –After months of grappling with an immensely embarrassing probe involving student attendance record skullduggery, which is still playing out, it would be safe to assume that members of the Columbus Board of Education and school district officials are now busy cleaning up the mess from this massive catastrophe by installing adequate measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again. But there’s no assuming what role Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is playing as part of his effort to help improve the district. Recently, he and City Council President Andrew Ginther formed a panel of 25 members to recommend ways to do that. It is called Columbus Education Commission (CEC). To be sure, it wasn’t clear at first just how both independently concieved orbs, that is, the districts internal housecleaning efforts and Coleman’s moves, would coalesce or at the very least work in choriamb in pursuit of a common mission. Continue Reading