Sherman Killed Son

Apotheosis of a bad father

Man who fatally slammed son to pavement pleaded guilty

ONUMBA.COM – Quindell Sherman, the man who fatally slammed his 3-month old son to the pavement several months ago during a fight with the boy’s mother, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder last week in Franklin County Common Pleas Court. Sherman, 20, agreed to plead guilty to the murder of little Jayden Mitchell in exchange for the prosecutors agreeing not to seek the death penalty. The plea deal kind of worked out because the little boy’s family is opposed to the death penalty.  But Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien noted that Sherman’s “terrible childhood” was also a factor in crafting the plea deal. It means that the baby killer could be spared of the ultimate penalty when he is sentenced May 3.  But that doesn’t mean the little boy’s mother, Sonia Mitchell, has a modicum of sympathy for her crummy ex-boyfriend. “I hate you. Continue Reading

IMG_3651 editor Ike Mgbatogu interviews House Dem leader Budish

 ONUMBA.COM –  On February 24, and Call & Post Political and Community Reporter Ike Mgbatogu interviewed Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish at his Riffe Tower office Downtown Columbus, focusing on a wide panoply of issues that has him at odds with Republican Governor John Kasich. 

Here are excerpts of the interview.  A full story of the conversation will appear in the Call & Post newspaper next week. On House Bill 1, The HB 1 calls for, ‘JobsOhio’ to usurp the job creation role of the Department of Development to be managed by a small cabal of folks assembled from the business community.  Mark Kvamme, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist The bill passed on straight party line, with all Republicans voting for it while all Democrats opposed it.  Gov. Kasich has called the Department of Development stale and unproductive in terms of job creation, he believes his new ‘Jobs Ohio’ Initiative is the way to go. “HB1 takes a billion dollar of tax payer money, turns it over to a group of private individuals led by the governor” for economic development. “The problem is those funds can now be expended in secret.”  Budish said that JobsOhio is “exempted from Ohio Sunshine laws, accountability laws and from Ohio’s ethics laws.  Why in the world would you ever exempt the expenditure of our tax dollars from Ohio’s ethics laws.” 

On Senate Bill 5, “It is extremely unfair.”  “Collective bargaining levels the playing field.  SB 5 is trying to turn back the clock.” On $400 high speed rail grant: It was ‘no thank you.’  Gov. Kasich turned down the money, returned it back to the Obama administration.  “The money would have benefited freight in the state of Ohio.” Continue Reading


Columbus man is seeking to lead warring Somalia

ONUMBA.COM – Mahatma Ghandi’s words that we should be the “change we want to see in the world,” is probably no more than just a lofty cliché for a lot of people. But for one Columbus resident, it has become much more than that. 

It’s also a call to action. Abdulkadir “Fish” Ali said that it’s time to rescue his war-battered homeland from the mean-spirited grip of politicians he characterized as “inhumane, unwise and heartless.”  These folks, he said, have for years fanned the flame of a vicious conflict that has brought Somalia to its knees. 

Yet, through it all, Ali, like other Somalis, paced the sideline with hands folded as their troubled homeland ravaged in deepening squalor. But that was then. In an interview last week, the 52-year old Ali told the Call & Post that he has seen enough. Continue Reading


Quit complaining about the Somalis, get involved — Pouting, whining, caterwauling, kvetching and scowling all over the place with long faces isn’t the solution.  It won’t help non-Somali African immigrants in Columbus get through the doors of government opportunities. Understand one thing, please:  ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease.’   And that’s pretty much what’s playing out here. Of course, it is abundantly clear, unless one has been camping out in a cave, that the Somalis, for what it is worth, are soaking up all the oxygen of attention from governments and community groups compared to other African immigrant communities? But why? For one thing, a stampede of them arrived here as hapless refugees needing a smorgasbord of government assistance to settle in a strange land. Continue Reading